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Well, I got bored, so I came back with today's character creation entry. It is Trinity, the third in a trilogy of EGPs White Wolf made about superheroes in various stages. Trinity is about science-ficiton superheroes in space; technically, Psions, or people who have the ability to manipulate various forces with their minds alone. In the timeline of Trinity, after the Aberrant game, in 2049, Aberrants grow to be such a power that the UN declares war on them and it is a messy war. They destroy Jerusalem in 2051, and in 2061, a growing Chinese space fleet threatened to destroy the entire planet if the Aberrants didn't surrender. They didn't surrender, but they did leave the Earth - though they vowed to return. The Earth forces worked for 40 years to develop a means to combat the Aberrants, and they finally came up with the Psions - first eight individuals, who would later be the basis for the 8 psion orders. They would be humanity's defense against the Aberrant threat, and against any alien life humans might encounter in their journey into space. So now, it is 2120, and the Psion orders have been fully created; rumors of Aberrants returning, in small groups as superpowered terrorist cells, abound. You are a member of one of the Psion orders - can you save humanity's future?

As a White Wolf game, Trinity uses the Storyteller system. Yes, I know, it's tiring to see the same system over and over, but I am almost positive this is my last Storyteller game, so bear with me. As a first step, I'll make my character's concept be Philosopher; he's something of an idealist at heart, believing man can transcend its nature to become something better. His nature will be Explorer, but of a more internal nature than external. Then I choose an Aptitude, a psionic capability for one of the six know Aptitudes: Biokinesis, Clairsentience, Electrokinesis, Psychokinesis, Telepathy, and Vitakinesis. As a philosopher of humanity and its limits, I'll go with Biokinesis - manipulation of his own body and cellular structure. I'll leave his Allegiance as the standard Biokinetic one, the Norca order, who train most biokinetics.

After that, I move on to mechanics. Like other Storyteller games, I have three attribute categories - Physical, Mental, and Social - and a point spread of 7/5/3. I'll put Mental first this time, and put two points each in Perception and Wits, with 3 in Intelligence. Physical will come next, with 1 point in Strength and 2 points each in Dexterity and Stamina. Finally I have Social, where I'll put one point each in Charisma, Manipulation, and Appearance. Then I move on to Abilities; I have ten points to put in the standard Norca grouping (Athletics, Brawl or Martial Arts, Intrusion, Melee, Stealth, and Savvy), and 13 points to spend everywhere else. I'll put two points each in Athletics, Martial Arts, Intrusion, Stealth, and Savvy; I'll then put three points each in Awareness, Investigation, Academics, and Science, with 1 point left over for Meditation. I then have 7 points in Backgrounds to spend; I'll put two in Cipher to make me hard to pin down, two in Citizenship to give me three separate nations to call home, and 3 in Device - this will let me pick up a very nice set of armor, a set of Bioweave Armor.

Next, I move into the actual powers of my Aptitude. Biokinesis has three branches: Adaptation (which lets me adapt my body to surroundings, even hostile and/or extraterrestrial ones), Psychomorphing (lets me explore the inner functions and modifications of my own body), and Transmogrify (which lets me alter myself on a cellular level to change my appearance). I have three points to spend here, though I automatically start with the Biokinesis standard ability, Biosense (which lets me perceive the presence of nearby living beings, even if I can't see them). I think Psychomorphing fits my stated concept est, so I'll put two points there; this gives me access to the Sense Biokinesis power (lets me tell whether or not a given subject has any biokinetic augmentation or manipulation) and Bioshift (this lets me shift my Physical Attribute points around temporarily; if I needed some quick Strength, for example, I could shift my points in Dexterity and Stamina over, giving me a Strength of 6). My final point will go into Adaptation, to give me the Metabolic Efficiency power (which lets me ignore the effects of poisons or toxins).

Finally, I get to the finishing touches. My Willpower begins at a rating of 5, which is nice. My Psi, the rating of my character's psionic capacity, is Stamina + Wits + Charisma, divided by two; in my case, this gives me a starting Psi of 4. My Initiative is equal to my Dexterity + Wits, so 6. And then I get 15 bonus points to spend. This will go quickly; I want to buy another point of Psi, to put me at 5; this costs 5 points. Then I want to buy another point of Strength for 5 points, and a point of Wits for 5 points. Since I added a point of Wits, my beginning Psi, without the bonus point, is 5, which means I now start with 6. So the final character looks like this:

Concept: Philosopher Nature: Explorer
Aptitude: Biokinesis Allegiance: Norca
Physical: Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 4, Wits 4
Social: Charisma 2, Manipulation 2, Appearance 2

Athletics 2, Martial Arts 2, Intrusion 2, Stealth 2, Savvy 2, Awareness 3, Investigation 3, Academics 3, Science 3, Meditation 1

Cipher 2
Citizenship 2
Devices 3 (Bioweave Armor)

Psychomorph 2 (Sense Biokinesis, Bioshift)
Adaptation 1 (Metabolic Efficiency)

Willpower 5
Initiative 6
Psi 6

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