Sunday, May 16, 2010

Armageddon: The End Times

Armageddon is a game, unsurprisingly, about the end of the world. It is set in the not-too-far future, where the supernatural has once again come into the world. Beings of great power walk the world, powers both old and new; gods of old walk alongside angels and demons, magic-users and gunfighters. The Army of the Reckoning, composed of the followers of the great and evil power Leviathan, is sweeping the world, trying to bring about the end of everything; the other powers are, understandably, upset about this, and are doing what they can to prevent it.This catastrophe brings strange bedfellows; the Heavenly Host and the Infernal Legion battle alongside the Lodge of the Undying, the Pantheons of old gods, and the former angelic beings known ans the Watchers. Armageddon, made by Eden Studios, uses the Unisystem rules set, and unlike previous games, has four tiers of character power, each with several options: Pre-Heroic Characters, including Potential Heroes and the Beginning Gifted; Heroic Characters, including the Gifted, the Lesser Gifted, the Mundane, and the Lesser Supernatural; Legendary Characters, like the Supernatural and the Greater Gifted; and Mythical Characters, including Demi-gods, Greater Supernaturals, and Gifted Masters. I think I'll go with the Mythical tier, and make a Greater Supernatural character - that gives me 30 points of Attributes, 20 points in Qualities, up to 15 points in Drawbacks, 60 points in Skills, and 90 points in Metaphysics.

Well, I want to have dealings with the Norse pantheon - I want to be an Inheritor of Tyr, the god of justice and battle. So let's give my character 5 in Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution, 3 in Intelligence, and 6 in both Perception and Willpower. That gives me, according the the Life Point and Endurance Point Formula Charts. 90 LPs and 78 EPs. It also gives me Speed 20 and 50 Essence Points. As for Qualities, I need to take Inheritor, which is a 20-point Quality; it gives me the aspect of Justice, +3 Strength, and +3 Constitution, and +1 to Intelligence. He regains 1 LP or EP per Willpower point per turn, cannot be killed by narcotics, irritant poisons, or mundane diseases,a nd he does not grow old. As an inheritor of a god of Justice and War, my character must take the Drawback Honorable, and I'll go for the full three points; I'll also take Adversary at 3 points, and Recklessness for 2 more. I'll use those 8 points to buy Fast Reaction Time, Hard to Kill 3, and Nerves of Steel. That brings me to skills, where I have 60 points to spend. Let's take Brawling 5, Dodge 5, Drive: Car 4, Gun (Handgun) 4, Hand Weapon (Hammer) 5, Intimidation 5, Language (English) 5, Language (Norse)4, Martial Arts 5, Myth and Legend (Norse) 5, Notice 5, Rituals 5, Stealth 2, Storytelling 5, and Surveillance 2. Finally, we come to Metaphsyics. As an Inheritor, my character uses what is known as Primal Power. I have 90 points, so I'll take Primal Skill 5 for 10 points, then Aura of Power for 3 points, Dominion for 8 points, Combat Wisdom for 5 points, Sagacity for 5 points, Sense Truth for 3 points, Wise Choice for 2 points, Decision for 5 points, Discover the Guilty for 3 points, Unbending Will for 2 points, Cold Fury for 10 points, Berserk Leader for 5 points, Enhanced Strength for 4 points, Iron Muscles for 6 points, Combat Speed for 10 points, and finally Ways of War for 8 points. That's an exhaustive list, but it means that I can see the truth, punish the guilty, increase my Will, Strength, and speed, make wise decisions, gain berserker abilities without losing conscious thought, give berserker strength to others, and use any weapon from a rock to a rocket launcher with a fair degree of skill. So, that means my final character will look like this:

Erik Gardena
Character Type: Greater Supernatural
Association: Pantheons

Strength 8
Dexterity 5
Constitution 8
Intelligence 5
Perception 6
Willpower 6

Secondary Attributes
Life Points: 129
Endurance Points: 96
Speed: 26
Essence Pool: 57

Fast Reaction Time
Hard to Kill 3
Nerves of Steel

Honorable 3
Adversary 3 (Church of Revelations)

Brawling 5
Dodge 5
Drive: Car 4
Gun (Handgun) 4
Hand Weapon (Hammer) 5
Intimidation 5
Language (English) 5
Language (Norse)4
Martial Arts 5
Myth and Legend (Norse) 5
Notice 5
Rituals 5
Stealth 2
Storytelling 5
Surveillance 2

Aspects: Justice and War
Primal Skill 5
Aura of Power
Combat Wisdom
Sense Truth
Wise Choices
Discover the Guilty
Unbending Will 1
Cold Fury
Berserker Leader
Enhanced Strength 2
Iron Muscles 3
Combat Speed (10 point version)
Ways of War

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