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Withcraft is another game by Eden studios, and it, too uses the Unisystem rules set. Unsurprisingly, the game is about witchcraft, those gifted with magic and those without. There are a number of orders who are devoted to the use of magic, and several who are devoted to rooting it out; both think they are doing the best, but a Time of Reckoning is approaching where one side will likely prevail over the other, and determine the future of the world. It has actual witches in the Wicce, conspiracy-themed magic users in the Rosicrucians, the magic-hunting, Inquisition-descended Sentinels, the mental Cabal of the Psyche, and others, and characters belong to one of these groups - or go it alone - in their attempts to discover what is going on in the world of the supernatural, and whether they want to stop it or hurry it along. As the game uses the Unisystem, it's pretty familiar; there are four tiers of character with Witchcraft, though: the Gifted, who have the greatest magical powers; the Lesser Gifted, who have some power, but not as much; the Mundanes, who are without supernatural abilities, but can make up for it with normal human skills; and the Bast, a group fo feline shapeshifters. I'm going to go with one of the Lesser Gifted. This gives me 20 Attribute points, 15 points for Qualities (of which 5 will be used to purchase the Gifted Quality, up to 10 points in Drawbacks, 30 points in Skills, and 15 points for Metaphysics.

I want to make a Rosicrucian, a member of the Brotherhood of the Rose Cross; I'm a member of a secret society looking to use magic for the good of humanity, whether it wants it or not. Taking an idea from the core book, I'll play a stage magician; what better place to hide than in plain sight? I'll take Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Constitution 2, Intelligence 4, Perception 4, and Willpower 4 for my Primary Attributes, and secondary attributes like Life Points, Endurance Points, Speed and Essence are determined the same as in All Flesh Must Be Eaten, giving me 26 LPs, 29 EPs, Speed 12 and 20 Essence. Then for Qualities, I take Gifted (5 points), Attractiveness (3 points), Fast Reaction Time (2 points), Resources (2 points), and Increased Essence (6 points), adding 5 Essence per point spent. That puts me over my limit, so I need to take some Drawbacks; I'll take a 3-point Adversary (perhaps a demented, and undead, stalker fan), Delusion (Invincible) for 2 points, Emotional Problems (Fear of Rejection) for 1 point, PAranoid for 2 points, and Showoff for 2 points. Then, I move to Skills; I have 30 points here, so I'll take Acrobatics 1, Acting 3, Brawling 2, Climbing 2, Dodge 2, Escapism 4, Lock-Picking 3, Occult Knowledge 2, Rituals (Rosicrucian) 2, Seduction 3, Sleight of Hand 4, and Stealth 2. Finally, we come to Metaphysics, where the real magic is. I want Affect Psyche, Elemental Air, Lesser Illusion, Shielding, and Essence Channeling, and thanks to Drawbacks, I have 22 points to use. I'll take 3 levels of Essence Channeling, which determines the possible Strength of my other magic; that costs 6 points. I can then buy 2 levels of each of the other 4, at 2 points per level, to finish off my points. So, the final character looks like this:

Anthony Blackstone Farland
Association: Rosicrucian
Concept: Reluctant Hero
Channeling Level: 3
Primary Attributes
Strength 2
Dexterity 4
Constitution 2
Intelligence 4
Perception 4
Willpower 4
Secondary Attributes
Life Points: 26
Endurance Points: 29
Speed: 12
Essence Pool: 50

Fast Reaction Time
Increased Essence 6
Resources 2
Adversary 3
Delusion (Invincible)
Emotional Problem (Fear of Rejection)

Acrobatics 2
Acting 3
Brawling 2
Climbing 1
Dodge 2
Escapism 4
Lock-Picking 3
Occult Knowledge 2
Rituals (Rosicrucian) 2
Seduction 3
Sleight of Hand 4
Stealth 2

Affect Psyche 2
Elemental Air 2
Lesser Illusion 2
Shielding 2
Essence Channeling 3

What we have here is a very intelligent, savvy stage magician (though a bit off is rocker at times). He's very good at normal stage magic, and his magical abilities help him out: Affect Psyche lets him influence the moods of others, or project an Aura of confidence; Elemental Air lets him affect the air around him, from things as small as stirring the air to the possibility of lightning from thin air; Lesser Illusion allows him to create visual, auditory, or even full illusions, that will fool most people; and Shielding will let him shield himself from both magical and physical harm - for those times when getting sawed in half isn't just a trick. With Resources 2, he's fairly well-off, so can purchase most of what he wants, so it leaves him some leisure time to traipse about the world finding out the secret of the supernatural - while putting in the occasional show, of course.

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