Thursday, May 6, 2010

Delta Green

Delta Green is a game related to Call of Cthulhu - which is a game about finding out all about the horrible things that lurk just beyond our imagining, waiting to destroy our minds and blast our sanity, and that's if we're lucky. Delta Green takes that, and adds new elements - it assumes that some government agencies know about the Cthulhu mythos and all that goes with it, and some of them are trying to keep it from coming to light and coming to pass - while some of them are actively trying to make it all come true. you play a member of one of those agencies - the titular Delta Green - which recruits agents from every government agency in order to combat the groups that oppose it - whether the mythos-corrupted Majestic-12 or the formerly Nazi Karotechia, or the SaucerWatch group that tries to find out what it shouldn't know - and also the mythos itself, whether the alien Mi-Go of the icthyoid hybrids of Ipswich, or the horrific presence of Nyarlathotep. Delta Green uses the original Call of Cthulhu game, rather than the d20 version, so I will post a character from the original.

Agent Scott Jaeger
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 37
STR 13 CON 17 SIZ 14 INT 17 POW 14
DEX 14 APP 11 EDU 19 SAN 70 HP 16
Damage Bonus: +1d4
Education: Doctor of Jurisprudence (Law Degree)
Occupation: FBI Special Agent
Skills: Computer Use 28%, Drive Auto 52%, Fast Talk 51%, Law 63%, Listen 54%, Martial Arts 56%, Psychology 77%, Spot Hidden 72%
Languages: English 95%, Spanish 23%
Colt Delta Elite Auto 70%, 1d10+1
Colt M16A2 Assault Rifle 60%, 2d6
Fist/Punch 55%, 1d3+db
Grapple 55%, Special
Head Butt 35%, 1d4+db
Kick 55%, 1d6+db

Scott is, obviously, an FBI agent, one who got a law degree before joining up. As a special agent, he gets training in the skills Drive Auto, Fast Talk, Handgun, Law, Listen, Psychology, Spot Hidden, and any two of the following: Accounting, Computer Use, Electronics, Martial Arts, Other Language, Rifle, and Submachine Gun. Scott, obviously, took Computer Use and Martial Arts. So he joins Delta Green, becoming a part of their organization and preparing to face things which defy explanation - and sanity.

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