Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Angel Roleplaying Game

Angel is a game based on the TV series of the same name, companion to Buffy. They were both made by Eden Studios, and both use the same system, the Cinematic Unisystem - a streamlined version of Eden's more detailed Unisystem. Sadly, Eden Studios lost the license to the games earlier than they had planned due to some business problems, and didn't get a chance to make some of the best-sounding books: Tea & Crossbows: The Watcher's Handbook, Military Monster Squad: The Initiative Sourcebook, Lawyer, Guns & Money: The Wolfram & Hart sourcebook, and probably several others. In any case, about Angel - there are three main categories of character, the Investigator, the Champion, and the Veteran Champion. Each has a different power level, and different access to things to buy with the point-buy pool each has. Much like the TV show, it can be used to run a game with one Champion and several Investigator, or several Champions, or even Veteran Champions - think Angel season 5, with Spike, Angel, and Illyria stomping around. So, how about for this Angel character, we make a Champion - right at the mid-range of power for beginners. Champions get 20 Attribute Points, 20 Quality Points, can take up to 10 Drawback Points, 30 Skill Points, and 10 Drama Points. So, let's start.

Attributes (20)
Strength 6 (2 levels from Revenant Quality)
Dexterity 5 (2 levels from Revenant Quality)
Constitution 6 (2 levels from Revenant Quality)
Intelligence 4
Perception 3
Willpower 5 (3 levels from Revenant Quality)

Qualities (20 +2 from Drawbacks)
Body Switching (Part of Revenant Quality)
Hard to Kill 3
Regeneration (Per Hour)(Part of Revenant Quality)
Situational Awareness
Unique Kill (Fire)(Part of Revenant Quality)

Adversary (Vampires and Demons)
Dependent (Family)
Emotional Problem (Fear of Commitment)
Obligation (Total - The Powers That Be)
Psychic Visions (Part of Revenant Quality)

Skills (30 +8 from Drawbacks)
Acrobatics 5
Crime 4
Drive 2
Getting Medieval 6
Influence 3
Kung Fu 6
Notice 5
Occultism 3

Our Champion is a Revenant - it;s a hefty Quality meaning that he is faster, stronger, and tougher than normal people, but also doesn't sweat, breathe, or have a pulse - because, technically, he's dead. Not like a vampire, though, since vampires are demons trapped in humans forms - a Revenant is a spirit sent back from the dead to right wrongs by the Powers That Be. While his body is tough, it can be killed, but he comes back in a new one, unless he is killed with fire. He comes back from the dead over and over, killing demons and helping those who need it - and if he doesn't do it voluntarily, the crippling psychic visions he gets will nudge him in the right direction. Being dead doesn't fix all your problems, though - he's still got family to take care of, though it's a bit awkward to explain why a different person seems to know all the same things a former brother, sister, child or parent should know. And being dead is hell on new relationships. Like all good monster-killers in the Buffyverse, our Champion is skilled in melee and hand-to-hand skills, because bullets don't stop demons as well as a good axe.

The Drama Points aren't spent in character creation - they are used in play, and can be used for any of 5 different reasons: Heroic Feat (doing something cool at a dramatically appropriate time, like disarming a bomb with seconds to go), I Think I'm Okay (you don't take as much damage as you thought - a bullet missed a vital organ), Plot Twist (getting a break in a story - conveniently finding a valuable clue, say), Righteous Fury (you get hyped with righteous rage, and hit harder/faster/more), and Back From The Dead (the chracter comes back from the dead - at a dramatically appropriate time, that is). Perfect for mirroring the kind of wacky things that go on in an average Angel episode.

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