Thursday, April 8, 2010

D&D: The Bard

The Bard is an old favorite of many people, mostly because it is just a fun class; who doesn't like to raise their allies' spirits by singing dirty ditties, or to cause their enemies to falter with insulting jokes and mockery? In 4th Edition, the Bard can do that and more; the Bard's role is as a Leader, so she supports her party with words and song, buoying their spirits while tripping their enemies up. She is not a front-line fighter, but she keeps the others going - and is pretty good as a diplomat, negotiator, and all-around wordsmith. So, here I present to you Sorashana the Bard!

====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ======
Sorashana, level 1
Kalashtar, Bard
Bardic Virtue: Virtue of Prescience
Kalashtar: Diplomacy Bonus

Str 8, Con 12, Dex 12, Int 10, Wis 18, Cha 18.

Str 8, Con 12, Dex 12, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 16.

AC: 16 Fort: 11 Reflex: 12 Will: 15
HP: 24 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 6

Arcana +5, Heal +9, Perception +9, Diplomacy +11, Bluff +9

Acrobatics +1, Dungeoneering +5, Endurance +1, History +1, Insight +7, Intimidate +5, Nature +5, Religion +1, Stealth +1, Streetwise +5, Thievery +1, Athletics -1

Bard: Ritual Caster
Level 1: Prescient Fortification

Bard at-will 1: Vicious Mockery
Bard at-will 1: Jinx Shot
Bard encounter 1: Prophetic Action
Bard daily 1: Saga of Rivalry

Ritual Book, Longbow, Dagger, Chainmail, Adventurer's Kit, Wand Implement
Glib Limerick, Create Campsite
====== Copy to Clipboard and Press the Import Button on the Summary Tab ======

Sorashana's bardic class virtue, the Virtue of Prescience, means that once per encounter, when an enemy would hit a nearby ally, Sorashana can grant the ally a bonus to defense to attempt to avoid the attack. Vicious Mockery, a power seen in my Warlock writeup, does what it says - harms an enemy with the power of cutting insults. The Jinx Shot power is a ranged attack that, if it hits, causes the target to fall prone if it misses with an attack before Sorashana's next turn. Prophetic Action harms an enemy, and if the enemy targets Sorashana or an ally before Sorashana's next turn and misses, Sorashana can have another ally move several squares in response. Her big finishing number is the Saga of Rivalry; Sorashana shoots an enemy with her bow, and if she hits, she chooses an ally; if the target is not adjacent to that ally by the end of its turn, it takes 5 damage, which lasts until the foe makes a saving throw, and the chosen ally gets a bonus to attack that enemy until the end of the encounter.

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