Friday, April 23, 2010

Why the D&D Interest?

Why did I choose to make a character for all current D&D classes? I did it because, for the first time since I started playing, which was many, many years ago during 2nd Edition Advanced D&D, I feel that I would be willing to play a character of every class. Every class interests me in some way; each class has a role to play, and each class has its own, special way of going about that role. Each class is approximately equal in power, something that has not occurred for a long time, and yet each class seems like it would be fun to play.

Also, D&D now has some amazing software for use with it, including the character generator that I used to create each character; this makes character creation extremely easy on the mechanical side; it probably took me no more than 5-10 minutes to create each character, and making characters of levels higher than 1st probably wouldn't have added a great deal of time. D&D also has a monster creator, to help DMs with easy creation of monsters that are different than the norm; the program can adjust the level of existing monsters, or create entirely new ones. The D&D Insider subscription option is one of the best deals inn gaming for getting new information each month, with not just Dragon and Dungeon articles every month, but also an update to the character creator every month with any new official updates from any books published.

So, tomorrow, I'll start on other characters - and since I got a request way back when I first proposed this idea, the first game on deck is Burning Wheel. Should be interesting.

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